Death of Classic Investing

Death of Classic Investing If investment records were composed like beer commercials, maybe we ‘d all be far better off. That’s my concept, anyway. What’s the last piece of truly useful economic advice you can recall hearing? Listen to a creative beer commercial just once, however, as well as you can’t get it out of […]

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The Options Scenario for Hedge Funds

The Options Scenario for Hedge Funds Hedge funds continue to be among the most vibrant users of both exchange-traded and OTC options, particularly in the US, however specific managers could still not be using the opportunity that these instruments can supply them. Equity-based investment techniques handle hedge funds, which represent a large part of the […]

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DOW 20,000 – Practically There

DOW 20,000 – Practically There We’ve heard wild tales of the future Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW). One set of experts working for Calpers (the largest California Pension Fund – for teachers) had based their ability to keep their pension totally moneyed on the DOW being at 28,000 by 2009 and by 2099 at 28,000,000 […]

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The Power of a Penny

The Power of a Penny I believe we all dream of it … walking through a yard sale and discovering an unusual Picasso that the owner made sure was a phony. Or possibly it’s an individual letter from George Washington stashed in the attic of a home you simply purchased. Personally, I was always wanting […]

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10 Essential Investor Tips For Successful Investing

10 Essential Investor Tips For Successful Investing Trading and investing into the financial markets has never been more popular. More and more people are starting to see the benefits of taking a little time to, first invest in themselves through a trading and investing education, but also using that knowledge on the financial markets. Whilst […]

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