S elding Fillet Gauge Bridge CAM Gauge Pocket Size eld Seam Throat Inspection Gage Fillet Throat Gauge

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1 pc Precision Stainless

Steel V-WAC Type Undercut Gauge Single Fillet Weld Depth Gauge Welding Measure Inspection Tools (Inch)

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Ally Tools 7 Piece

Fillet Welding Inspection Gauge Set Includes Leather Case - (1/8" - 1") Ulnar Metric & Inch - Perfect for Checking Leg Length and Throat Thickness for Professional Welders

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Automatic Weld Size Fillet

Weld Butt Weld Welding Gauge Stainless Steel Inch Inspection Gauge

$6.30 ($6.30 / Package)
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JJDD V-WAC Gage Biting

Edge Stainless Steel Welding Gauge + 7 Piece Fillet Weld Gauge Gage Set for Welder Inspection + MG-8 Bridge Cam Gage Welding Gauge kit for Welder Inspection

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WeldingStop V-WAC Undercut Gauge

Biting Edge Welding Guage for Welder Inspection Single Weld Gauge Measure Inspection Tools Porosity Size/amount Inspection Tools Inch Stainless Steel

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A Quick Guide to

Welding and Weld Inspection (Woodhead Publishing Series in Welding and Other Joining Technologies)

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Preamer MG-8 Bridge CAM

Welding Gage Weld Seam Pit Test Ulnar Inspection Ruler Welding Tools and Accessories

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7piece Fillet Weld Set

Gage Rl Gauge Welding Inspection Test Ulnar Metric & Inch

$11.30 ($11.30 / Package)
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