Strong Hand Tools

Light Duty Utility Clamp, 6.5" Capacity, 500 LB Clamping Pressure, 5/8"-5/16" Rail Size, 3-1/4" Throat Depth, 5/16-18" Tapped Hole, UD65

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200A Magnetic Welding Ground

Clamp, 200A On/off Adjustable Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp Rare Earth Switchable Magnet Welding Holder,Grounding Magnet Connector

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Magnet Welding Clamps 50LB

Strong Arrow Welding Tools 6 Pcs Magnetic Square Holder, 45 90 135 Degree Angle

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Clamp 12-Inch x 4-3/4-Inch Throat (300 x 120mm Throat)【2 PACK】

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ABN Butt Welding Clamps

- 16 Piece Small Welding Clamps Auto Body Panel Clamps for Edge to Edge Welding

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DCT C Clamps for

Woodworking Welding Clamps Locking Pliers Set 3-Piece Wood Clamp Set, 11in and 6in Swivel Tip

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TAIWAIN Right Angle Corner

Clamp 2pcs, 90 Degree Clamp Vice Grip Woodworking Welding Engineering Quick Fixture Tool, Aluminum Alloy Corner Clamps Holder Adjustable Swing Jaw Corner Clamp(Silver)

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HFS (R) 3Pcs Assorted

Locking Welding Clamp Chrome plated: 11-Inch Regular Tip Locking C-Clamp ; 9R 9-Inch Locking Welding Clamp ; Locking 8" Sheet Metal Tool 23 Vise Grip

132 reviews
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Inserta Pliers, ∅5/8" Insert, 3" Throat Depth, 4" Opening, Table Mounted Clamp, Rear Crank Handle, For Welding Tables, PTT634K

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